Capybara Ventures is a professionally managed seed capital fund supporting technology-based growth businesses in Oregon and SW Washington. With experience in launching over 25 venture-backed businesses, Capybara’s principals bring proven operations management skills, technical depth, and extensive industry relationships to companies in the fund’s portfolio.

A Helping Hand for Northwest Technology Entrepreneurs

Capybara works closely with entrepreneurs to build sustainable companies that solve tough customer problems. As a trusted financial partner, Capybara brings to the relationship successful Silicon Valley and Oregon entrepreneurial experience, results-driven venture investment expertise, and a passion for building businesses.

“Capybara has proven to be much more than an investor: they are an invaluable partner in growing our business. They worked with us for over a year to develop a plan and position the company to attract our Series A investment. They remain actively involved in building the company and ultimately introduced us the perfect lead investor for our Series B round. Their involvement in the local investment community combined with their relationships to a broad set of later-stage investors turned out to be a unique advantage to us.”
Jim Plymale, CEO, Clinicient

“Capybara moved quickly to participate in our A round and then dug right in! They helped us source talent and increase our visibility to other potential investors. Capybara has built deep relationships in the venture ecosystem in the Northwest, and this is of significant benefit to companies like ClearAccess looking for local value-add. Capybara showed a great ability to listen and support our growing business as a sounding board and they went to great lengths to help us craft our value proposition for securing additional investment.”
Ken Hood, founder, ClearAccess